Con-Fusion-01 – Making a coffee bean in Blackmagic Design Fusion 7.5

Hey guys,

what a day! I am excited to present u my first Fusion tutorial from the Con-Fusion Tutorial series. For the latest news of upcoming tutorials follow me on Facebook

In this simple one I will show u how to work in Fusions 3D-based compositing environment, creating this tasty looking coffee bean.

What we’ll learn

We will focus on the 3 layered Material creation, but also dive into :

Normal maps creation

– Material layering using the Boolean3 tool

– Usage of HDRI map and Spherical map node for realtime reflections

– making use of the Texture2D and TextureTransform nodes to us texture tiling

– Setting up the OpenGL Renderer

– Simple lightwrapping using the Bitmap masks nodes

– Creating instanced nodes

– Introduction to Alpha Divide and Alpha Multiply

– Introduction to the Boolean Tool

– Creation of a Ambient Occlusion pass using the SSAO node

We’ll face a few technical problems, like the so called #QNAN fail pixels which I will show how to fix them.

And of course we’ll be doing the finishing touches as well. How does that sound?

If u want to learn Fusion head straight to and download the free version with basically no limitations.

Also, I will provide u all the data u need here 🙂

So what u waiting for? Let’s start comping! 🙂



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